Program for November 2, 2015

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Over the past number of years Harold Empey prepared and used a special binder that contained information and decisions about what would be needed, in the event of the death of either him or his wife, Betty. It was a tremendous help to Harold and his family when Betty passed away so he decided to make it available to others as a legacy to his wonderful wife.

The package is a very comprehensive combination of information with a listing of what should be done, in advance, to facilitate a smooth and less painful period for the family following a death. Rather than having to make a huge number of decisions during a time of grief, almost all were pre-determined and agreed to by the family, making the discussions with the funeral home and Minister clear and without family conflict. His family were so impressed with the results they each now have a binder.

The package, enclosed in a three ring binder is priced at $30.00 and contains 12 sections outlining what should be looked after in a number of areas with an index and set of dividers. Harold considers this a legacy to the gal he loved for 57 years and provides this information and seminars without any personal gain.

This material has been reviewed by specialists in this field and has received glowing commendation with the message that everyone should have a package and complete it.

Harold is a dynamic speaker with considerable enthusiasm. He has agreed to come and share his story with us. This is a very worthwhile package, combined with an excellent presentation resulting in glowing positive responses from those who have participated.

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