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  • Online and Community Group for Young Ostomates!
    Online and Community Group for Young Ostomates!

You are here because maybe you, or a family member, or friend has just discovered that they are having ostomy surgery. . . or maybe because you had had your ostomy for a while and want to see what is new.

It doesn’t matter the reason, we welcome you and are here to help and support you (your family and friends too) in any way we can. Most people have never heard of the word “Ostomy” and most of us never talk about or bowels or bladder or urine or stool, it is usually a private and personal matter.

At Saskatoon Ostomy Association, we do talk about urine and stool, bladders and bowels. We are not embarrassed or ashamed. We just had a body part that did not work because of different reasons but we ended up with an ostomy.

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax and spend some time with us exploring our website.

The Saskatoon Ostomy Chapter is a non-profit mutual support society for the benefit of people who have had, or are about to have, Ostomy surgery. The purpose of our chapter is to:

  1. Assist the medical profession in the rehabilitation of ostomates by providing, at the request of the physician, reassurance and emotional support.
  2. To promote up-to-date information concerning Ostomy care and equipment to ostomates, and those involved in their care.
  3. To educate, develop, and promote public awareness and understanding of ostomies.

We are a chapter of the Ostomy Canada Society.
Our meetings are usually the first Monday of the month, except in September when it is the second Monday because of Labour Day being the first Monday. There are no meetings in July, August or January.



Meeting Location

Preston Park 1 by Market Mall (114 Armistice Way)
Wheelchair accessible
Convenient washrooms
Refreshments and visiting period after each meeting
Spouses, family members and other visitors welcome
A map of the meeting location is below:

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